Bay Gardens Resorts remains committed to supporting environmental protection and ensuring a greener planet throughout our operations, thus improving our social, environmental and economic sustainability. 

Green Globe Certified

Whether it is in the forefront or behind the scenes, our decisions and choices are driven by sustainable tourism and our three Green Globe certified properties are testaments to our efforts. With this certification, Bay Gardens is equipped with a framework to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our environmental sustainability performance, allowing the company to monitor improvements and continue to maintain its certification. After being Green Globe certified for five consecutive years, our company became the first and only on island to be awarded Green Globe's Gold Member status.

How we play our part

What have we achieved

2nd Place in the Environmental Sustainability Category

Caribbean Hospitality Industry Exchange Forum (CHIEF)

Green Globe Certification

Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa, Bay Gardens Hotel and Bay Gardens Inn

Green Globe Gold Member status

Our Projects

Our team

Continues to work relentlessly to protect our beautiful destination through numerous social activities

Earth Day Tree Planting 

Conjointly with guests, we reaffirm our support in environmental protection by planting trees during Earth Day celebrations. 

Turtle Conservation

What better way to combine your beach vacations with a "turtle-ly" fun experience such as witnessing nesting turtles, hatching babies and the releasing of older babies back into the ocean. At the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa our guests and team members work hand in hand to preserve sea turtles' natural habitats, ensuring a safe environment for them.