Green Globe Certification

Green Globe Gold Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Practices

Green Globe is the premier worldwide certification program developed specifically for the travel and tourism industry. Green Globe assists organizations to improve their economic, social and environmental sustainability while being rewarded and recognized for it. 

The Green Globe Standard provides Hotel and Resort organizations with a framework to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their environmental sustainability performance, through which they can monitor improvements and achieve certification. 

Three of the Bay Gardens group’s five properties have been awarded this Gold Global Certification for sustainable tourism, the first and only awarded on the island of St. Lucia - Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa, Bay Gardens Hotel and Bay Gardens Inn. Green Globe’s Gold Member status is awarded to members that have been certified for five consecutive years. This prestigious designation is only possible when a member meets all requisite criteria within the Green Globe Standard for Travel & Tourism (or their sectorial Standard) and have completed the independent and mandatory onsite and desktop audits in alternating years. 

Steps that we have taken in achievement of such a distinguished certification include:

With three of our four properties being Green Globe Gold certified, Bay Gardens Resorts remains committed in support of environmental protection by playing part in ensuring a greener planet throughout our operations, thus improving our social, environmental and economic sustainability.