SLHTA's Tourism Enhancement Fund

The Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association (SLHTA) is a private non-profit membership organization that functions as the “official organization and national spokesperson” for the hospitality Industry and its wide membership. As the principal tourism private sector agency in Saint Lucia, the SLHTA is responsible for facilitating tourism sector development and management on island. 

The SLHTA is particularly proud of its launch on October 01st 2013 of The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), to encourage the organization’s greater involvement in the sustainable development of Saint Lucia. Through this fund, resort guests and island visitors (including short lay-over guests,) are asked to participate in this exciting initiative and donate US$2 for each night of their stay at Resorts here in Saint Lucia. Donations go entirely towards the Tourism Enhancement Fund. 

By collecting this small voluntary fee from our visitors, the SLHTA will be able to finance and implement many product development initiatives. These will run the gamut from beautification to infrastructural and educational projects, each designed to enhance the guest experience on island. 

There will also be a strong focus on hands-on training initiatives for our young people to better equip them for employment in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector.  These programmes are critical in order to position Saint Lucia as a “must see” destination, given the level of competition worldwide, in this the fastest growing industry on the planet. 

The Government of Saint Lucia has welcomed this private sector initiative in light of the many challenges we face as a small economy in an ever changing macro-environment. Together, we recognize the importance of tourism to the livelihood of Saint Lucia’s future generations, and we are committed to ensuring its sustainable development. 

On behalf of the SLHTA and its members, and in anticipation of your support, we thank you for your contribution as we continue to make Saint Lucia an outstanding destination for visitors and islanders alike. 

Bay Gardens Resorts is proud to be a contributor to the TEF and its projects from inception in 2013. 

Please visit for more information of the work of the TEF.