Top 3 Unique Features of a St. Lucian Christmas

Top 3 Unique Features of a St. Lucian Christmas

Christmas is the season for spending quality time with our loved ones and a Caribbean Christmas is no different. Unlike other countries where Christmas is celebrated with family and friends in front of the fireplace, in the Caribbean, many families take to the beach to enjoy this festive season with the traditions varying across the islands.

In St. Lucia, the local families eagerly await this wonderful time of year. Over the years, the island has gained popularity as visitors looking to escape the snow with the hope of enjoying a sunny Christmas vacation.

If you're one of those then we have a few delightful features which will entice you to visit;


1. Christmas Dinners

St. Lucian families anticipate the special Christmas dinners which take place on Christmas Day. The meal forms part of the family Christmas celebrations or "House to House" where family members from the districts go to various homes to enjoy these festive dishes. The "St. Lucian Christmas Table" may include local and regional dishes as well as seasonal foods such as local pork, ham or turkey accompanied by ground provisions such as yams, dasheens, and sweet potatoes as well as plantains which are mostly fried. Drinks served at these dinners include ginger beer and the seasonal drink “sorrel which is a brightly red and infused with nutmegs, ginger, and cinnamon.

2. Lucian Black Cake

Christmas fruit cake, black cake, and great cake are all terms used to describe
this festive cake and a St. Lucian Christmas would not be complete without it. This cake consists of dried currants, raisins and fruits soaked in wine/rum which has been left for several months before being incorporated into a cake batter. This tasty dessert is a must-have when visiting for Christmas but beware of the alcohol content because the longer it's left soaking, the greater the chances of getting intoxicated.

3. Bamboo Bursting

The exceptional sounds of bamboo bursting on a late November evening signals/heralds that the Christmas season is approaching. This Christmas tradition is a custom that involves the stuffing of the hollow end of the bamboo shoot with kerosene with an individual blowing through the hole creating a loud cannon sound that can be heard throughout the community and beyond. The men and boys of the various communities look forward to this time of year where they compete to create the loudest sound, but it requires a great deal of skill and technique. This tradition of bursting bamboos is the local version of firecrackers which has been handed down from generations before.

So, if you're spending Christmas with us at the Bay Gardens Resorts these are exciting St. Lucian traditions to partake in. Be sure to join us on Christmas Eve and Christmas day as our chefs and their teams will provide delicious Christmas dinners at our properties.