Beachfront Spa & Wellness

Treat yourself to an array of services at our beachfront spa in Rodney Bay Village and sink into relaxation under the care of skilled specialists.

La Mer Spa

At Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa
At La Mer Spa, every pampering treatment is a sensory escape that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. In addition to individual services, we offer a variety of Spa Packages and Spa Rates. For your convenience, La Mer Spa is open seven days a week. 

Ojas Spa And Wellness

In Collaboration With Bay Gardens Resorts 
In collaboration with Ojas Spa, the number one provider of Ayurveda medicine in Saint Lucia, Bay Gardens Resorts is proud to offer a plethora of Ayurvedic treatments and Packages to choose from. Indulge yourself in one of the world’s oldest holistic healing treatments. 


Sessions With Dr. Samantha 
Watch the sunrise and begin your day with the mind and body strengthening practice of yoga. Breathing techniques and meditation combine harmoniously to melt away stress and tension that one may carry. Offered three times a week and with the option for private sessions, there will be ample time for everyone to take advantage of our morning yoga sessions. 

Wellness Packages

In addition to the Wellness package, one’s journey to well-being continues at our highly rated La Mer Spa where guests receive additional credit to be utilized for the treatments of their choice. At Bay Gardens Resorts we strongly believe that the dining experience plays a crucial role in guaranteeing a memorable experience for all our guests. We also understand the importance of keeping in-line with the overarching theme of wellness and the important role that food must play.

Staying Fit

At Bay Gardens Resorts we understand that fitness is no longer just an aspect of life but now a lifestyle. Therefore, we have invested heavily into our fitness offerings and wellness packages that guests can choose from while staying with us.