A Day Rooted in Cultural Traditions

The Thanksgiving holiday is only celebrated in a few Caribbean islands including St. Lucia and Grenada. In St. Lucia, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October.

Unlike the United States and Canada, it’s not all about the festivities or eating pumpkin pie and the turkey is not front and centre on the dining table. In fact, it is quite low-key on the island and is seemingly just another public holiday; a day away from the office.

For most, the extended weekend is well-received and spent relaxing at home or on the beach but simply enjoying time with friends and family.

But how did it come about? The Thanksgiving tradition is said to have originated from the Carib Indians who held a native Autumn Harvest festival during this time. The harvest festival was an opportunity to express gratitude and give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and bounty of the land. Many St. Lucians remember very little of these traditions whilst others are totally unaware of its origin, but we are all thankful for a good holiday!

So, whether you’re heading out to the beach, going to see a movie or staying home to catch up on a few tv shows, let’s give THANKS whilst having fun!