Jounen Kwéyòl Celebrations: Creole Culinary Experiences

Jounen Kwéyòl Celebrations: Creole Culinary Experiences

What to EAT!

During creole heritage month and especially on Creole Day, authentic local cuisine comes highly recommended. As St. Lucians, the traditional food is always an Enjoyable part of the visit with homes, restaurants and the roadside vendors serving up the most creative finger-licking dishes.

The menus are by no way limited. Foods include callaloo, crab backs, Accras or fish cakes, boiled breadnuts, cassava bread, farine (cassava flour) and avocado balls, (roasted) bakes, roast breadfruit, smoked herring, salted pigtail boullion, cucumber salad and of course, green bananas and saltfish among others. Coconut is the main ingredient featured in some of the dishes and delicacies. Drinks include local fruit juices, spiced rums, and punches with cocoa tea (a local version of hot chocolate with local spices) being extremely popular during this month.

The meals being served are heavily influenced by our African ancestors and French settlers and depend on the Techniques handed down over the years. So, go out and sample all these dishes and beverages, they are sure to tantalize your palate.