Bay Gardens Vacation Club

St. Lucia Vacation

The Vacation Club, located at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, is one of the premier vacation ownership resorts in not just St. Lucia, but the entire Caribbean. Owners enjoy the coveted freedom of coming and going as they please, at one of the finest quality resorts in the world. 

Vacation Ownership, also known as Timeshare or Fractional ownership, is a form of shared property ownership where timeshare owners reserve the right to use an accommodation for a specified period (typically one week) and on a recurring basis. 

Our Vacation Club Program

Our Vacation Club program includes spacious accommodation in a One or Two-Bedroom Suite with 1.5/2.5 baths, a full kitchen, laundry services, living rooms and spectacular panoramic views of the sparkling Caribbean Sea. 

Come visit and find out more about the Vacation Ownership program and experience firsthand why Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa has become one of the most highly demanded St. Lucia beach resorts within Interval International’s global network of 2,500 property offerings spanning 80 countries. 

Is Vacation Ownership Right For Me?

Whether you love the ease and comfort of returning to the same resort every year, or prefer the adventure of never visiting the same spot twice, Bay Gardens Vacation Club offers the unique vacation experience you’re looking for. Best of all, the flexibility of Bay Gardens Vacation Club ownership insures that your choice of vacation destinations can change over time to fit your evolving preferences. 

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