Discover St Lucia

Escape to paradise with Bay Gardens Resorts and discover St. Lucia; a tiny tropical gem in the Caribbean known for its legendary Piton mountains, lush flora and friendly island charm.

Where is St. Lucia?

of St. Lucia and learn about the location of this 27 mile long, 14 mile wide Caribbean island.

What does Rodney Bay Village have to offer?

the nightlife and entertainment capital of St. Lucia, Rodney Bay Village, home to Bay Gardens Resorts.

What is the weather in St. Lucia like?

St. Lucia is positioned close to the equator with its eastern beaches kissed by the Atlantic Ocean and western by the Caribbean Sea. Its proximity to the equator allows for generally hot weather with winds and temperatures that do not change much year-round. The average daytime temperatures are around 29°C and average night time temperatures are around 18°C. The island has a wet/rainy and a dry season; the dry season runs from December to June and the wet season from June to November.

How is the culture in St. Lucia unique & exciting?

the rich history and Caribbean culture of St. Lucia’s land and people.

What notable island events occur in St. Lucia and when?

of some of St. Lucia’s world-renown events and when they usually occur.

Do you have any St. Lucia travel tips or tourist advice?

Be prepared for your trip to St. Lucia and Bay Gardens Resorts with these !